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Wildwood Candle Fragrance Notes

Wildwood Candle Fragrance Notes
In the heart of a forest untouched by human hands, where the wilderness reigns, lies an enchanting world waiting to be discovered.

The Wildwood Candle is a vessel that carries you on a fragrant journey into this realm—a realm where wild laurel, pine needles, and tonic water combine in harmony to awaken your senses and spark your curiosity.

Top Notes: Fir Needle, Eucalyptus, Frosted Citrus

As you light the Wildwood Candle, you're greeted by the invigorating top notes that set the stage for your metaphysical forest adventure. Fir needle, like the ancient sentinels of the woods, fills the air with its evergreen essence, while eucalyptus brings cleansing energy, and frosted citrus imparts a sparkling freshness. These top notes combine to create an aromatic landscape that mirrors the crisp, revitalizing air of the uncluttered forest.

Middle Notes: Galbanum, Bayberry, White Rose

As the candle's flame continues to dance, it unveils the heart notes—a fragrant bouquet that tells the story of the metaphysical forest's inner sanctum. Galbanum, with its green, resinous character, captures the essence of the forest floor, while bayberry adds a touch of sweet mystique. White rose petals bring a delicate, ethereal quality to the composition, as if the metaphysical woods have revealed their softer, more enchanting side.

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Crushed Pinecones, Musk

The base notes of cedarwood, crushed pinecones, and musk anchor the metaphysical experience, grounding you in the wisdom of ancient trees and the mystique of the forest's hidden corners. Cedarwood's sturdy presence invites you to connect with the forest's roots, while the scent of crushed pinecones evokes memories of woodland walks. Musk adds a timeless allure, as if the metaphysical forest exists outside the boundaries of time.

Embrace the Metaphysical Woods

The Wildwood Candle is more than just a source of light and fragrance; it's an invitation to explore the metaphysical woods, where every scent is a gateway to a deeper connection with nature. Imagine closing your eyes and allowing the scents to awaken your senses, deepen your connection with nature, and embrace the mystical essence of the woods. Whether you seek meditation, inspiration, or simply a moment of serenity, the Wildwood Candle is your guide to the metaphysical forest, where the mysteries of the uncluttered woods are waiting to be uncovered.

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